Saturday, October 1, 2011

Preparing to live tiny

As I have been purging, and pouring over plans, looking at furnishing and materials, and thinking of how much "stuff" will fit into 130 square feet, it occurred to me---what do I need to keep that won't make me feel poor? Which items make me feel rich?

I have been the unwilling poor, the person living paycheck to paycheck, deciding who gets paid "this month" and who doesn't. When I went shopping, I had only the cash in my pocket. I had to purchase "John Wayne" toilet paper because that was all I could afford. I hated my toilet paper. I would use work toilet paper to blow my nose and reuse that at home rather than use the "John Wayne" stuff. Final straw was going to the Grange Hall, using their bathroom, and having toilet paper envy. Seriously?? My toilet paper made me feel poor. More than my budget issues, having cheap toilet paper was a daily reminder of not having enough money.

In this purging process, I am also trying to keep that same principle in mind. I will need to winnow things down over the next several years. The amount of dishes I have, the number of pots and pans, how many books I have, the number of shoes (which isn't very many to be honest!). Still, with that, I will have to balance it with which items I have that make me rich. What gives me pleasure? And if I purge TOO much, will I feel deprived and have the unconscious need to replace those things?

It is all a balance. Trying to move stuff out, and get used to the more open spaces without feeling the need to FILL that empty space. Keeping in mind that there will not be that empty space in our new home.

Working on the process, and trying to make peace with it.