Sunday, November 6, 2011

We have our trailer!

Ah yes.....twenty feet of steel on wheels, sitting in our back yard, just in time for winter to start. Perfect. I walk out in the back yard, and stare at the frame. Looking at it. Mentally trying to figure out HOW our house is going to fit on that?! It is not much space. Not much space at all. On paper, the plans look "roomier" and more open. But looking at actual space, I wonder how a fireplace is going to fit on there with two chairs, a galley kitchen, a sink and shower. *shrug* And our families both think we have lost our minds. Which is a complete bonus. Still, our goal is to move in 6 years with zero debt. No house loan, no car loan. And building a tiny house is the only way we will get out from under either debts before we are 60. Six years to build a dream house and purge within an inch of our lives. Sell, give away or donate what will not fit into the tiny house. Priorities. Its a scary thought.