Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Costco, looking for suggestions

Well, folks. I must be one of the rare hold-outs in America. I don't belong to a warehouse club. I know, I know. It's a shocker.

We don't have a Sam's Club where I live (so it's not an option). As far as I know, all we have around here for a big-box store, is Costco.

All of you Costco lovers out there, who love a good deal, please let me know. Is it worth the fee for the privilege of shopping there? More importantly, what do you shop for? What are the biggest savings??

I have read a few articles on the subject (Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping), and they say Advil, prescriptions, paper goods, etc are good buys. But they took ONE item and price matched it across a few stores. They showed direct comparisons for only 6 items (which isn't how I shop, what if I don't need Vanity Napkins? Sure, it's a good deal, but I don't use that!). Frustrating.

I am appealing to you, the regular consumer. What things do you find to be the best deals at Costco?


  1. Here is what we have been getting there, we used to get more there but now that we are coupon shopping we only get a few things there.

    Fiber One Bars -- MUCH MUCH cheaper than the grocery stores
    Raw Almonds
    Hamburger and hot dog buns
    dog food
    Vitamin D
    Birthday cakes (can't beat 19.99 for a decorated 1/2 sheet cake)
    Ice cream (when we buy it)
    cereal ( sometimes)
    organic cane sugar
    chocolate chips
    These are the things that I can think of off of the top of my head. There are some good deals there, you just have to know your grocery store prices so you can find them. I admit, some things that we get there I could probably find elsewhere but get them there for convenience ( like frozen hamburger patties).

  2. Yeast, yeast, and yeast!! If you use it... a pack of two 1 lb. sealed packages for less than you can buy one little jar at the regular store. Only we don't pay for a subscription - we bribe my Mom to pick up a few things there for us. If you can find someone who is a member they may take you with them sometime. You could also compensate them and still come out ahead.
    Also, Kraft Parmesan cheese. If you use that the big container is a steal. BTW, this is based on shopping at Sam's but I would assume Costco is similar.