Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My garden is outta control

I am having a fallow season. I admit it. It has been one of those springs, moving in to one of those summers.

Hard to feel motivated to do much of anything. Seems like I complete the minimums of what I need to to keep my family running. Nothing horrible, I cook dinner, grocery shop, do my work, clean, etc. But my garden is suffering.

A few times a week, I look at my garden and think "I really need to weed". I have even weeded about 4 times. Still, the weeds are completely taking over right now.

On a higher note, my potato plants are HUGE. The difference between the potato boxes, where they are waist high, and in the garden, where they are only a few inches high...I think going with the potato boxes it is worth the extra work. I have kept up with them this spring, adding shredded paper and grass clippings to them a few times a week. Fingers crossed that we get ton's of potato's for yummy eating in the next month or so!


  1. At least you planted a garden. This year I decided I wanted Blue Berry plants. So I bought some; been meaning to replant into a bigger container for about a month. Five weeks ago could not pass up a deal on a tomatoe plant already a foot tall and several flowers. That to still not replanted. Well maybe today.

    congrats on things growing so well.

  2. I feel ya. I never got half of my stuff planted. I keep trying to make myself feel better by taking really good care of what I have growing. I just can't stand all the weedy parts where I never planted anything. Good luck. :)