Monday, December 7, 2009

Make your own cleaning wipes

Ah, the dreaded bathroom chore. You know it.

Made somewhat easier by those handy little pop-up wipes. You know the ones I'm talking about! Comes in a round container. Oh so convenient. Swipe, swipe, and the nasty smell is gone.

I love those wipes. Having boys in the house, those wipes are really handy. I don't use them in the kitchen, just the bathroom.

But the cost on those things. DANG! I bought two containers on sale with a great coupon. Love 'em. But what to do when they run out??, one of them ran out. My solution? Make my own, of course.

I got my handy paper-towels out. (For the record, this is another rare purchase. I was a few bucks short on my Safeway "Spend $50 get $10 off", and a case of paper towels was what the cashier brought back to get me up to my $50 limit. I ended up getting a case of paper towels for free, and it's the first time I had paper towels in over a year. Shoo...I almost don't know what to do with 'em and I keep forgetting I have them. I accidentally packed them with the extra cat litter and forgot. Opps!) Rolled out about 25 of them carefully keeping them straight. Make sure to keep the center more open, you don't want it tight because this is your beginning. Cut off any excess so it fits into the container. Tuck it on into the container.

Add any cleaning product that you wish to use. Reminder: bleach and ammonia don't mix. And urine turns into ammonia. So you may want to pass on bleach products around the toilet. If you do use them, be cautious. Whichever cleaning product that you are using, dilute it with water. Remember, it's just paper towels soaking it up. If you use a hefty cleaning product, you may end up with sludge. (So, you might also want to go with a stiffer weight paper towel to start with as well!)

Put the cap back on it, and pull up the first wipe. Wah-lah! Home-made wipes. Now I can keep using them without feeling guilty. Ha-ha!


  1. What a great idea! I bet you could also do this with fabric rags instead of the paper towels! I love the wipes too...especially for the bigger kids to keep under the bathroom sink so they can grab and wipe down the bathroom instead of hunting down the supplies. I think when they are empty I may try this idea with some old rags instead of buying more. No bleach though, that way they can just be tossed in the wash. Maybe some lavender or orange essential oil in water instead of chemical? I have both of those, they both have some antibacterial properties, and smell good. I drop a few drops of the lavender oil in my humidifier tanks to keep them free of mold/mildew and it works perfect!

  2. I've used several of these in the past few weeks and ....can I say that I like them BETTER....BETTER...than the store bought ones!! The paper towels are thicker, I like the cleaner better (it smells better).