Sunday, January 16, 2011

Big goings on at my place!

Super exciting stuff!

Two birthdays this past week (happy changing of the years, guys! love ya!), and the normal mom stuff going on.

But the big news is that I now have an on-line web store to sell my artwork. All of those projects that have been piling up around the house can hopefully find a home out there in the world.

Not to mention, giving me further inspiration to create more pieces (which I love to do!).

Feel free to visit my shop. The site is a work in progress, but my art is posted. And I invite feedback (can't improve if I don't get feedback!).

Another exciting project, possible studio space! I have taken over the living room, kitchen, practically any spare has my art supplies in it (including the bedroom). Our neighbor has an unused shed (HUGE) that we can take if we can move it, and it would make a perfect studio outside for me. Add some windows, some insulation, and it would make fantastic workspace (that I don't have to tidy up DAILY when the kids are around!). I can't wait to have my own space where I can spread out and visually see where all my supplies are instead of hiding all my stuff in boxes all over the house. SQWEE!!! Fingers crossed this comes through fast for me!

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  1. Wendi..... that is GREAT!! I am excited for you and for you to get your new workspace!!........

    Christina SMith