Monday, August 3, 2009

Redneck ways to say I love you

Awwhhh yeah!!! No better way for a man to show he lub's yew than by siphoning gas at 9:30 at night.

Explanation? Well, the old girl has been retired to the back yard, awaiting her next driver to age a little. That is gonna be another year or longer, and she still had over half a tank of gas in her. That gas is going to go bad before the car is driven again.

Waste not, want not. My new hoop-dee needs some gas, so we decided to siphon the gas out and transfer it to the new ride. Of course, nothing goes the way it's supposed to, Hubs couldn't get it out of the gas tank, and had to reroute the overflow gas into the travel tank.

Here we are, by the romantic glow of the flashlight, watching gas slowly move to the tank, and watching the gas gauge drop. Ahhhh.....even after almost 5 years, the romance is still there!

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