Sunday, October 4, 2009

Channeling a little Tom Sawyer

I did some chores around the yard today, cleaning up the duck pen, changing the chinchilla bedding, stuff like that. Hub's was putting up a new fence, and I thought "I'll bring out my knitting and just chill on the deck and watch him for a while." Yeah, that was the nice plan for the rest of my afternoon.

I even brought out my knitting basket and my coffee. Then, I looked out to my garden, which I had been in and out of several times today, and noticed how ratty the fence was looking. Now, when hubby had put it in, we had gotten most of the picket fencing used off of Craigslist for a great price, and picked the rest of it from the home improvement store, unfinished. So, most of it is painted white, and part of it is unfinished. Hubby promised me that he would paint it all white for me to match, that he could do it with a paint gun, and it would take "just an hour or so".

Uh-huh. You ladies out there probably know where this is heading. That was two years ago, and the fence boards are still mis-matched. Spring-time is a bad time to paint since it rains in Oregon (go figure!), and once it stops raining, it is planting time...specifically peas, which I grow along the fence line, covering it up.

It just never seems to work out to be the right time to paint that blasted fence. But today, I guess it seemed right. I found a brush, an old can of exterior paint (thank you for the professional painters giving away paint! Sure, it's been sitting in the garage for a few years, but it was FREE. We were saving it for a reason.) and got to working. Three hours later, my garden fence is painted.

Hubby did come by, and tell me he was planning on painting it for me (uh-huh....when?!), and that I had paint in my hair. Gee, hun. Thanks for the help. Love you too. And while you are being helpful, why don't you touch up those few boards for me? Oh, and since you are picky about how the brush is cleaned, I'll let you take care of that.

Love you!

BTW....if anyone has any tips on how to get this huge glob of paint out of my hair, I would appreciate it. Cause this isn't a small bit, it takes up quite a bit of my hair. *sigh*


  1. Hot water and a good scrubbing is the best thing I have found for getting paint out of hair. And running a fine tooth comb through your hair while your are all lathered up helps. Hopefully that will get most of it! I have been there SEVERAL times :)

  2. I was out looking at the ducks today....and noticed they had white marks on the tops of their beaks. hmmm....guess they were checking out the new paint job on the fence once I left. I only hope they approved of it.

  3. Oh, and I worked most (not all, but most) of it out with shampoo this morning. Not the most fun job to do. That was some serious globs of paint!

  4. I've been there and am glad you were able to get most of it out. Stewart has 2 comments. First scissors work great Second.... you've discovered a new species of duck....White Billed Duck!!

    Miss you