Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Painting a Pennsylvania Dutch Sign

I needed something to pick my spirits up. I am trapped at home with a sick child (day two, son still has a wet, hacking cough. No fever. But I don't want to expose others. So, we stay home.). Sick kid has taken control of the television, and I don't even want to be in the same room as that....junk.

The weather is lovely right now. Itching to be outside in it! What to do, what to do? I can't go walking (I miss my walkies with my friend and my dog...sad that I miss exercise, but I do!). Oh-kay.

OH! Hubby mentioned when I was going to do that wheelhouse project. Okay, so I put off project too. When he finished his portion of the wheelhouse, there is a large expense of frontage that is blank. We debated making a mirror "window", and then I got the idea of making a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign on it. I even did the research for it and discussed it with hubby. He liked the idea. And....that is all the farthest I got with the concept.

Until today. I was irritated. (Oh so irritated...see my previous post.) I needed to work off some irritation. So I primed the circle out. While that dried, I researched again the Dutch signs, wrote out my plan, dug out paints and brushes, sketched out my plan. Then, I went out and spent HOURS painting it out.

But look how it turned out! I love it.

The heart in the center means love (0f course), the oak leaves mean strength, the rain drops mean abundance, and the wavy border means smooth sailing through life. The colors represent: red for emotion, yellow for love of man, green for growing things, blue for protection.

What I like is that I didn't copy what someone else did. It is in the style, but the items I chose are for MY family, arranged the way I did for MY family. And I really like it.


  1. I'm impressed, especially that you created your own!