Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall decorations, make the most of what you have

I love re-purposing things that I have. Fall is a great season to do that, in fact, it practically screams out to do that! Want a scarecrow? Take some old clothes, stuff them with newspapers really well, take an old white or cream pillow case, draw on a face, and use a baseball cap or cowboy hat for the topper! You can dip fallen leaves in candle wax and hang them from fishing line. Use squash and pumpkins as decorations (you don't have to carve them for them to be decorative--in fact, if they are carved, they will rot very quickly).

In years past, when I grew corn, I would save the corn stalks, tie them up with string, and then set them next to my front fence posts or near my front door for a Halloween decoration. Sadly, I didn't grow corn this year to do that with. It is the first of October, and I am itching to decorate. What to do, what to do?

It hit me. I have an entire bale of hay in the garage for Jefferson (our chinchilla). See, it seemed totally weird to buy a huge bale of hay for a tiny chinchilla when I got it, but that bale had come in handy! I've used it for duck bedding, used it in the garden, and now, I am using it for decorations for Halloween. (Plus, it works as a bench in the garage!)

I simply pulled out large handfuls of hay and then tied them with some loose rope that hubby had used earlier in the summer and had lying on the ground. Here's how they look on my window box with my pumpkins. In the next day or so, I am thinking about making another three or four to put on the other window box.

If you have any good ideas for fall decorations, please leave them for others to use. You never know when a flash of insight will strike!

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