Monday, November 2, 2009

It's fall!

The time of the year when the leaves make that huge mess all over the yard? I made Skinny-boy help rake the yard. He and I spent over an hour raking all the leaves into one area. Sweeping off the deck, raking around the trees.

Boy, the ducks were not amused with us. They were yelling and complaining the whole time. I think it was because we were in "their" area, and kept making them have to move to different parts of the yard. So unhappy with the whole situation.

But, once we left the yard, they seemed to settle down just fine. Over the past week or so, the leaf pile has become their new bed. Several times a day, I look out into the yard, and see them, sleeping in the pile of leaves. My plan was to put the leaves in the compost barrel for the city to take, but the ducks are so happy with them! And the leaves are on bare dirt anyway. No grass to kill. I guess they can stay there for the winter. It won't hurt anything.

The weirdest things make the happy! But it is rather funny to see a duck walking through the yard with one stray leaf stuck to their chest, sort of like a t-shirt logo. Ha-ha!

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