Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Learning to knit

I have a great respect for women who knit. Seems like it is a dying art. Knitted throws, knitted sweaters (which it seems like are made fun of! Considering the amount of time and energy it takes to make them, they should be deserving of respect.), knitted socks. Something to keep the hands busy while still being able to talk to others. Impressive. Not to mention--portable!

A few years back, I dabbled in knitting. Got that super fluffy yarn that made those neat scarves. Man, those things took chubby knitting needles, were pretty darn forgiving (the yarn hid a multitude of sins!), and I could whip out a scarf in about an hour. I made about 10 or 20 of them that year and then put them away and totally forgot all about how to knit. memory isn't all that great. I saw a blog on knitted washcloths (and knitted socks--I so want to make a pair of knitted socks. Do you know they have yarn with aloe in the yarn?! And the choices of yarn are super cool these days!) and it perked my interest. Washcloths. How easy is that? You knit a square. No special instuctions, no weird things going on, just a square.

Riiigghhhtt. It's been three or four years since I've picked up a pair of knitting needles, I am back at square one! A friend of mine graciously spent an hour or so showing me the basics again this weekend. Number one, I couldn't even remember a slip-knot. Come on, sweetie! A slip-knot! Casting on was another trial of epic proportions. (Makes me oh-so very glad that there is now YouTube and I can just watch a video showing the instructions over and over and over until I finally grasp it.)

The older ladies were watching me knit. Good to get the input. "Hun, your stitches are too tight." Gals, I hate to tell you, but there is a lot about me that is too tight, not just my stitches. "You have that so tight, not even water is going to get through it." Well, I guess that means it will last longer than a normal one! I know, it was all said in love.

I took it with me to my son's class. Sitting there knitting during his instruction. I felt very....old school. Here I am, a stay-at-home mom, knitting, while watching my 14 year old in class. Makes me sound like a freaky 1950's mom that I really am not (but kinda am?).

Ah well. I like my new hobby. Making washcloths is ...not "fun" yet. It is learning a skill, and certainly isn't easy at this point. It is a skill, and will take me a while yet to master. I picked washcloths because if I make a mistake, who cares? It's a washcloth! Knots, slipped stitches, twisted yarn, doesn't matter.

I encourage all of you, try something new this week. Its good to stretch yourself!

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  1. I have taken up knitting this past year too. I'm 35! :) I love it! Started with dish cloths, then Knitted Babes dolls, now hats and I am contimplating a sweater. Do you go to It is an awesome community for knitters and there are a ton of free patterns and forums to ask questions and you can post your projects. People there seemed to love my warped looking crooked first dish cloth pictures...I was so darn proud of them! :) LOL And yes, Youtube has been a life saver when it comes to learning for me!