Friday, February 5, 2010

Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather

It is gorgeous out! Sorry to gloat, but here in the Pacific NorthWet, it is beautiful today. We have had a run of warmer than normal weather for over a month now, but it's been rainy for a lot of that. Today, however, it is pure sunny goodness.

My kids just went to their father's for the weekend, I got my oldest to help clean out the duck pen before he left. And now, I am sunning my face on the front porch. feels almost sinful.

The warmer weather also has my mind turning toward gardening and planting. When we cleaned the duck pen, I always put the used bedding into the garden to amend the soil. It's nearing time to til it into the ground and think about planting the early veggies. I told hubby I needed to buy seeds soon. Word is there is a seed shortage around for certain things. Of course, seems like particular kinds of seeds always sell out faster than others. I need to hurry and get what I need soon.

Hard to believe it is February and I am thinking of planting! But we haven't had a hard frost in a while. The weatherman said that we are one to two weeks ahead of schedule for our weather temperatures. If that is the case, it won't be long before I need to get the sugar peas and lettuce's into the ground. I typically plant those in March. And March isn't that far off!

Life comes at you fast! I am hoping my peas do better this year than last.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy this one lovely warm weather day, and soak up some sunshine.


  1. Enjoy your sunny weather, it sounds so nice. It's sunny here but the thermometer is sitting just shy of 30 degrees. I'm thinking about seeds too and planning to build some shelves for seedlings this weekend. Last year I hung the light in our closet and that was kind of in the way. :P

  2. I just left my house with 8" of snow on the ground and 2" of ice under that. Snowing all the way to work and you have sunshine. I just want to cry. Sweet Peas which are early bloomers don't bloom here until July or August. We have a very very short growing season.
    Good luck with your garden.