Monday, February 1, 2010

Wintertime Illnesses

Sorry to have been away for the week.

Isaiah came home from his dad's last weekend with a cold. Lovely. Coughing all over the place. He stayed home from school on Tuesday, and wanted to cuddle with mom (ah, the love!).

Consequence of the love? By Thursday, I was running a lovely fever of my own. Thanks baby. The worst of it was Friday night, but I ran a low-grade fever on Saturday as well. Sunday had me feeling better, but still shaky (you know how it is, stand up to do anything, and after about 10 minutes, get that feeling like you have to sit down NOW!).

Hubby's way of dealing? LEAVE THE HOUSE. He's treating this like it's a Middle Ages Plague. "I have to work, I can't get sick, so I am leaving." Uh, that leaves me at home with two kids, sick, by myself. Please, no!! Needless to say, there was a lot of mindless television going on this weekend. Bad mom (sorry, I was was the best I could do at the time!).

So today, I am trying to clean up the mess. Masses of laundry from four days, piles of dishes. The horrors of my house. Seeing what happens when I don't stay on top of things for four days. Sad thing? I DID some laundry yesterday!! I did some dishes. It was WORSE.... WOW....

And people think that stay at home mom's do nothing. pfft. Really? I cooked a few meals WHILE SICK, did some laundry WHILE SICK, and the house is still a wreck. Oh the horror.


  1. cuddling is more fun and we don't get enough.

  2. Well I hope you keep recovering! At least you have an excuse for your house, mine is aweful and I don't even care! :)