Thursday, February 18, 2010

Repurposing--making pillowcases out of curtains

My mother made us a quilt for our bed a few years back, and there were some leftover blocks. Seemed a shame to waste them, so we sewed them into a valance for the bedroom. That worked for several years.

Until the city finally fixed the streetlight outside our bedroom, and the light was keeping us awake. Silly us, we blamed the neighbor's Christmas lights for a few weeks (then we realized they were off. Opps!) I made a new light-blocking cafe curtain to block the light while we are in bed, but it doesn't match the valance. Hmm...I don't want to just throw away good quilt-block fabric, so what to do with it??

For the past two days, I have been re purposing them into a pillowcase. Sadly, the valance wasn't wide enough or long enough to make two of them (I did try to figure a way to make to work, but it just wouldn't have looked right). The center blocks are from the valance, I added the side borders to increase the size. I needed to try out how to do some quilting (I wanted to try free-hand quilting), so I did that over the top. Then I added some ribbon on the edge to make it spiffy.

I think it turned out well overall. Took me a crazy amount of time, but it looks very pretty.

My next project? A fabric case for my laptop. I will post pics of that once it is done!


  1. That looks great, sounds like a good way to practice quilting. I'm really looking forward to hearing about the laptop case!

  2. So adorable. You're making me feel lazy have not touched my machine since Dec. 23,2009........... Hmmmmmmm maybe that's why I've been grumpy.