Friday, February 19, 2010

Laptop case


It's done. Worked my fingers to the nubs with hand-stitching the binding on, but doesn't it look spiffy. I like the zesty colors. And I love me coffee. Mmmmm, boy.

I have a messenger bag that I carry my laptop in when I travel out of the house. But it has no padding at all. So, it was time to make a case to put the laptop into, and then use the messenger bag.

I doubled-up on the batting to make it softer, and used leftovers from an earlier quilt for the interior of the bag. I also had some binding leftover from another project that matched these fabrics just right (I KNEW I was hanging onto that for a reason. Saved me time making some new up. Go me!!).

I'm happy with it. The colors certainly make me smile.


  1. I want one!! I love it! Way to go Wendy, good job :)

  2. Did you use a pattern or did you do it all on your own??

  3. Love It!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I like the artsy melding of variety.

  5. see now you are starting to save stuff like your mom. better add a room on now.

  6. I didn't use a pattern. I read several books from the "Pretty Little..." series, the "Pretty Little Cozie" one in particular. This was several months back, however.

    I started out by making the front quilt piece, matching it to the size of my laptop. Once that was done, I cut out batting and a backing (for the inside) and quilted it together. Then, I sewed the two sides together to make the pouch, last, added the binding by machine sewing one side on, then hand sewing the inside. WHEW!! But I should get years of use from it.