Sunday, May 17, 2009

Animal Welfare or my ark is growing

My good friend calls it "animal welfare". It's when you have animals for no good purpose, other than the enjoyment you get from them. At my house...oh, goodness, all of our animals are on welfare! We have the four dogs (semi-watch dogs, really, just company), the cat (who has NO good purpose!), a chinchilla, two the four ducklings that will be giving us eggs come late fall.

Oh, my bad, I mean we have SIX ducklings. Uh-huh...two new enrollee's on the gravy train that is my yard. Our runner ducks are a month old now, and just got booted to the great outdoors. Today, after church, one family had two tiny ducklings that lost their momma, who needs a new home. So, we graciously and willingly agreed to host the lil' buggers. They will be mystery ducks, we have no idea what type they are.

They come to us named! We have "Duck" and "Duckie". Should be fun to see what they grow up to look like!

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