Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wheelhouse project is almost done

I am super excited about how this is turning out. The filter is finally working well, helping to clear out the algae and take care of all the "waste" from the ducks.

As you can see, hubby has been super busy working on this for the past few days. (Ah, nothing like being up at 10pm with drop-lights, passing tools in the dark....) Check out how cool the front looks with that "reclaimed wood". We had thought about painting it a different color, but the red is kinda growing on us. The shingles above the waterwheel are cedar, and will weather to a lovely silver color in the next few years.

All that is left now is completing the roofing on the top, installing gutters, and completing the other two sides. Hubb's is making a storage space to the left to park our mower in. We are all about making it all work for us. Oh, almost forgot, we are also installing a "window" in that left side that is a mirror. Just to give it character. We are still discussing whether or not to install a copula and weather vane on the top, so please leave your opinion on that matter.

The ducks, the lovely ducks are ripping out all that grass I planted last week. Eating it. Funny, I did research on the subject, and the article I read said that they wouldn't bother this type of grass. Guess my ducks haven't read that article. Plus, they are burrowing into the dirt and making cute little divots around the pond. I was trying to figure out how those smooth, round holes were appearing....and then I had the "ah-ha" moment. Dur. Still, I don't care. I love sitting on the deck watching them float in the yard and talk amongst themselves. It makes me smile and soothes my soul.

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