Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day weekend's been such a wonderful weekend. Good weather, time to relax outside. Couldn't ask for better weather.

I've been rather lazy this weekend, up until today. I got out into the garden, did a bunch of weeding, and put down the soaker hose for our watering needs. My sweetie has it set up on a timer, so it automatically comes on about 6am every morning. It was nice to check out the garden, whine about the weeds, and see how well things are growing.

I also rigged a pulley system for the duck feeder, so that I can raise the feeder out of reach when the ducks are out of their house. Like me, they are lazy, and will hang near the easy food unless I remove it. Come on, guys! Go out and eat some bugs, please (but stay away from my petunias)! It will also gets it away from my dogs (who will sneak in and eat the grain. Who knew?).

I also bought some ornamental grass plants for around the new pond. I am a sneaky person (or cheap, as my kids would say). I bought gallon size plants, and then carefully split them into smaller plants, teasing them apart and carefully cutting the roots. You can do this with some grasses, daylilies, and other plants....any thing to make the money go farther! We have been living at this home for over 10 years and I have no plans of moving, so I can afford to be patient and see the plants fill out over the next few years.

Hubby is working on the pump house to go behind the water wheel. Whoo, boy, it has made him cranky. Just one more step in our long-range plans for our backyard. One step at a time.

The ducks finally discovered the larger pond yesterday. They were so excited when they finally all got settled in the pond. When I went to put them in their house at 10pm last night, all four of them were still swimming in the pond. Come on, guys---parties over, time for bed! And my petunias are no longer safe from them.

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