Friday, May 29, 2009

Waterwheel project--reusing and reducing waste

As you can see from my old photo's, hubby is working on a water wheel house for our pond. (Ah, I love a HANDY man!) We had purchased all the lumber for the project on Monday, which is when I got my weight-lifting exercise unloading all of it!

Hubby was talking with the neighbor yesterday, who has been doing a total remodel of the house next door to us. They have basically stripped the house to the bones and rebuilt it. They are getting ready to do a dump run, saw what hubby has going on, and offered us their cast-off siding for FREE. Now, folks, this is lap siding, solid fir, that is over 75 years old....and the back of it is in PRIMO condition. It is beautiful wood siding (make me drool!) that they were doing to just throw in the dump. I am so thrilled and excited to have authentic, farmhouse siding on our water wheel. Sure, the outside of the boards are weathered, but so what? It will add wonderful character to the project, plus we have rescued all that wood from just....sitting at the dump.

He also is giving us his left-over roofing shingles (worth $70) and some PVC pipe that we are using for a gutter system. We are going to collect the rain run-off and redirect it to the pond to help make up for evaporation and animal drinking.

Thank you Lord for a huge blessing of free lumber. And beautiful lumber it is! Now we get to return all that extra wood for cash to use on other projects (aannddd there is my weight-lifting exercise for THIS weekend!).

Plus, our OTHER neighbor is moving out of the rental house next door, and has close to a half a cord of firewood that he doesn't want, so we got that for free as well, to use in our fire pit. That was a good hours worth of work for the skinny-teenboy living here to do. (He wanted to earn a guitar want that hun? you work for it!)

This kind of stuff makes me happy on two levels. Number one: I am cheap. I need to save money where I can so that we can get by every month. Number two: I am eco-conscious. I want to re-use things wherever I can, so that we cut down less trees and have less stuff in the dump. It's a double win!


  1. Ok, where are the old photos? I can't find them! :) This project sounds very exciting!

  2. You can see the side of it on the clothesline post! It's back there with a huge black drum (that makes up the water filter). We are building the wheelhouse to hide the filtering system. It's cool.