Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome to my world!

Hello, dear readers! This is my first attempt at blogging, so I pray you forgive any errors.

I am hoping to show you a glimpse into my life, to see how I do what I do (as weird as it all is!) and show my triumphs and my failures. It's the failures that help us grow, so I must be growing a lot!

At this time, we have graduated our ducklings to the outdoors. Hooray, I have my bedroom back, no more duck smell. Our "babies" are a month old, and growing like weeds. It's funny, they each have such personalities. Spicy, our largest female, is the dominate one. She looks out for all the others. We named her after my mother, "Spicy Grandma", or Spicy for short. (Also known as "speecy-spicey meatballs"). If I leave the ducks outside alone, she will look around after me. When I return outside, she will run up close, all the others following close behind, and stop just a few feet short of me.

Blackie and Mario are far more reserved. They are the guys of the group. Blackie was a bully toward our littlest baby, Chatty Cathy (Chatty for short). Chatty came to us a week later than the others, and Blackie thought it was his job to pick on her for over a week. Thankfully, Blackie has stopped that, and Chatty has been accepted into the flock.

Our garden is growing rapidly (thank you Lord!). I have hilled up our potato's twice now, and the lettuce should be ready for picking in another week or so. My peas have been way too fussy this year, most of them not coming up. Odd, that. I have always had good luck with them in the past! I planted a few of them into pots along our deck, and those are very happy campers. Why would they be growing well in pots, but not in the garden?

Ah well. I am still praying that the rest of the plants do well and grow fully.

Thanks for reading my little post into my world. I'll let you know how the ducklings fair in the next few weeks and how my garden grows.


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