Friday, July 17, 2009

Finished laundry detergent

It's been sitting for over 36 hours and has set up.

When the detergent sets up, it forms a skin of the bar soap that separates. I whisk the skin back into the detergent, and then pour it into bottles that I store it in. (Some people leave it in the bucket, but I like it in smaller bottles, plus I can give it a good shake before using to reincorporate the soap)

I used far more soap this time than in the previous two times, and it came the closest to a gel ever. Note to self: using goats milk soap (the orange color) isn't the best choice for bar soaps to use. I have read that Ivory soap, Fels Naptha or other pure soaps are better choices. I used the last of the goats milk soap and a small bar of generic Ivory soap.

If you like fragrant laundry soap, now would be the time to add several drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix now that it is cooled. I always forget this step, plus I like the smell of sunshine and wind in my laundry from hanging outside, rather than EO's.

And that is it! It's pretty easy to make the detergent, and for my family, each batch lasts a good three to four months. Well worth the small amount of time it takes to put it together.

I have a front loader washer, and use about a half cup of detergent per load. If you have a top loader, you may wish to use more (like a whole cup per load).

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  1. I make my own laundry soap and LOVE IT!! Especially with Caleb's eczema, no dyes, inks or perfumes!! I use Fels Naptha in mine. I have only made it once but the batch has lasted for MONTHS, so it is very economical! I got the recipe on the Duggars website and I use their idea for dryer fabric softener if I want a little fragrance and extra softness in some loads. I am finding myself trying to be greener lately even if it is in just little ways :)