Saturday, July 4, 2009

What happened to the RV?!

You guys thought the pellet stove was bad? This is WORSE!

This is my husband's "fun" project. Yes, he did the destruction on purpose. We bought a used RV about two years back, and did a ton of work on the engine. Since then, it's kinda been sitting in the yard.

Hub's and his brother have renovated a trailer several years back. Tore it down to the frame and rebuilt the whole she-bang. So, he was itching to do it with ours. (To be fair, my father did the same thing while I was growing up. I am used to crazy men doing total overhauls of RV's, which makes me more accepting of these outlandish ideas!)

Hub's has been gutting the insides since spring. That took a few months. Two weeks ago, he moved the RV to the back yard and began taking the sides of it off. Yesterday, he collapsed the roof.

My response? I just smile to myself. It keeps him busy and happy (why, I honestly don't know...but I do know it makes him happy). He looks over plans on the Internet, researches materials, talks with his brother and his friends. He can visualize what he will do next, how it will turn out. I love that about him.

Yeah, I know we won't be going camping in it for a LONG time. (I hate camping, so this doesn't bother me at all!)

I will keep you up to date on his project!

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