Sunday, January 24, 2010

When you give good, good things come back to you

This week, hubby brought home all that olive oil, and today I passed it out to the families. Lucky me, two of my friends brought me goodies in return! I got multiple bags of salad, loads of broccoli (I spent the day blanching broccoli and freezing it for later, the unusable bits are fed to the ducks), some apple cider (YUM!!), and snackies. Mmmmmm.....

Goes to show, you send out good, and the good comes back to you.

Also a reminder to me to check out Gleaners. In Oregon, we do not have Angel Food Ministries (a food provider to purchase limited food items for a very low price. I only WISH it were available here! Check on the web to see if it's anywhere where you are.). But we do have Gleaners. You pay a one time fee (quarterly or yearly, I can't remember which), it is limited by income, only so many people may join (there is a cap in each group). There are some other rules (for each family, you have to agree to give part of your portion to an elderly family, you have to take 100% of your portion, you can't "pick and choose" what you want). With Gleaners, you never know what you are going to get. I was on it years ago, as a single mom, and once we got loads of yogurt, another time, lots of soy milk, or bunches of rutabaga's. I have no clue what to do with that! You get to be really creative with what you get from gleaners....or, you share with others.

Worth checking out in these times.

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