Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Asking for help (pets)

This is a tough subject for me.

I had to put down my sweet-heart this weekend. She has been my companion, my friend, for years now. I got her as a rescue many years ago, to keep me company while my kids were over at their dad's house. I was never sure how old she was, I was told she was 2 when I got her, but she may have been older. As of this weekend, she was 11.

She fell off the second-story deck at my parents house two summers ago. Just rolled under the rail while trying to get a treat. Ever since, she has had health problems. This September, she developed cataracts. By the end of October, she was totally blind. In December, she just had lost all zest for life. She spent all her day sitting beside me in the chair, not even moving for thrown dog treats. Running into the fireplace, falling into the pond, hitting the walls.

She had begun biting hubby and I when we tried to feed her. And last week, she started attacking the other dogs in the house. For no reason, other than they walked past her. Poor, miserable, girl.

I checked with a few vets for prices. Then, I went and asked at the local farm store to see if they had any suggestions. A kind, older man helped us there. He suggested a veterinarian who is farther out of town whom he had used several times, who was fairly priced. He told us that she did good work with animals and he recommended her.

A week later, I called up. I set up the appointment. On Saturday, I went in and did the best and kindest thing I could for my sweetheart. The Beavercreek Animal Hospital were kind and supportive. Everyone treated us with respect. I had as good of an experience as I could get (considering the situation).

My point? When it comes to our pets, we do want good care for them. But for me, I still have to fit that care into my budget! Which means calling around and trying to find the best price for their care. Visiting my local farm store, asking people who they recommend for vet services, this helps me out.

But won't change the fact that I miss her and love her. Give your pet a hug!


  1. So sorry about your baby dog. :( Sounds like she had a very loving "second chance" life with you.

    On the topic of pet care, I go to an animal store in a local town called UPCO and buy all of our critters shots and worm meds, Frontline, etc to give them. It helps a lot! Shots are like $4 per cat, maybe $6 per dog. Syringes are a nickle. Shots are easy to give. Worms are the most common thing our critters get so it is much cheaper to diagnose and go get the med than it is to make a trip tot he vet! Lucklly we haven't had any problems, just routine maintence that we can handle.

  2. Oh, I am so, so sorry. What a terrible weekend.

    As a part of my job I am the lucky one who gets to euthanize beloved pets. I usually take it in stride but every once in awhile we have an animal that looks a lot like one of my own and it really hits home. I am so leery of low cost vet care, I suppose that is the same for anyone in their particular field. There is a good, cheap vet in our town but there are also a lot of "old school" vets here that practice bad, bad medicine. That is due in part to Michigan not requiring continuing ed for vets so maybe it is different in your area. I think you're already do the best thing you can by asking for recommendations. People aren't going to send you somewhere is they weren't treated well.

  3. I know where you are going through!
    I lost my pet duck Pipke now four months ago and I still can't cope with her loss. She became fourteen years and three months old. We had to visit the vet 295 times. I have written already a part of her life story. May I invite you to read her story.
    I wish you much strength and try to think back on the good times you had together. I am trying to do that too!
    I give you a big hug