Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolution time

It's that time of the year. When resolutions are made. Maybe they are kept, maybe not. But it is a good time to reexamine our lives, if nothing else.

Most of us think about our weight, or our health. I get that. I have a few pounds to lose. I'd love to disappear a size or two.

But the truth of the matter is, why do you want to lose weight? Some people lose weight to please others, or for a reunion. Others lose weight to fit into a dress or outfit for a particular occasion. For me, I feel more comfortable in my body when there is just a little less of it than there currently is right now.

Next thing...I need a goal. We all need a goal! Otherwise, where is the end point? It needs to be realistic. Attainable. For me, I know what my goal is.

Okay, so I have a goal. Set myself up for success. None of this weird stuff, eating fake food, starving myself, going on fasts, skipping meals things. Sure, that would help me lose weight in the short-term, but I would also lose muscle mass, possibly bone, give myself headaches, make myself cranky, and likely be unable to sustain that kind of weight loss. A better choice is eating healthy.

Fresh fruits, pinto beans I cooked myself with salsa to taste (I am skipping the "refried" step), green salads, smaller portion sizes. Watching those sneaky things, like beverages. Fruit juices can sound good, but drink a lot of it and they can have a lot of calories. I love coffee, but adding creamer? I'm sticking with black coffee for now.

I'm also gearing up to walk again. It's been a bad month for me and walking. With the kids out of school, and the rainy, wet weather, well....I got out of the habit. Today, I was forced into walking to work when I locked myself out of the house (and my car). Opps! Good thing I live close to work. So I walked there and back. Good exercise. I really should do that every week.

Anyway. That's my resolution for the moment. Trying to eat healthier. Nothing too crazy, just cutting back my portion size, adding in more fruits and veggies, drinking more tea, less juice. That, and walking more. Let's see if I can be back into my skinny pants come late spring. A girl can dream, right?

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