Thursday, January 21, 2010

When trying to save a bucks bites you in the

well, you know the rest.

"Thank you for your order!" Oh really??

Ordering replacement checks from Current. I've ordered from them before. I checked the prices from several different places in December. I like to get duplicate checks, I always order two boxes, and that typically lasts me a year or more before I have to go through this drama again. Current still has reasonable prices, plus, since that is who I most recently ordered from, they should still have all my current (no pun intended) information.

So I call up. Wait on hold FOREVER. (Yes....I refuse to order on-line. I may do a lot of things on-line, but I hate ordering things on-line. I also refuse to pay my household bills on-line. Just accept that about me.) Finally get a hold of a human (sweet!). Nice lady. I am in the middle of trying to keep my two boys from killing one another, but I place my order. Two boxes of checks, plus some labels. No big deal, right?

The labels arrive yesterday. Mailed to my home, but with the wrong address printed on them. Very confusing to me. I call Current up. Wait on the phone FOREVER. Finally get a hold of a human being. Oh, yes, on the day that the order was placed, a note was made that the address looked wrong, but the labels were still put out, with the note that when I called to complain that they were wrong, new ones were to be issued. Ummm, are my CHECKS going to be wrong? Oh, no. Those should be correct. Well, okay. As long as the checks are okay. I can live without labels, but I really need the checks. I am down to the last two checks, I really need them.

Checks came today. I open them up and look them over VERY CAREFULLY since the labels were wrong yesterday. Lo and behold. They got the phone number wrong. Another call to Current. By now, hubby is mad. He thinks I am being too nice, so he takes over the phoning duties for this. From what I can gather, they told him that I gave them that telephone number (why in the heck would I have done that? I guess when I gave them the bogus address I decided to toss in an incorrect phone number as well?). My husband is mad as a hatter about the whole situation. Just flaming about it.

Current is going to re-issue checks, but refuses to admit that they did anything wrong. Uh-huh.

My lesson? I won't be using them again. Their prices might be fine, but Checks in the Mail are comparable (I looked, and they are!) so I will be trying them the next time. Hubby insists that next time we will use the bank.

I hate buying checks.


  1. Well thank stinks! I hope they get the new ones to you really soon! We always run out of the registers. I have been printing register pages off the internet to use. Too cheap to buy them!

  2. I never use check registers (bad me!). I simply draw a line across the check once it clears, and keep a tally of the balance on a sticky on the checkbook. Instead of balancing it once a month, I do it a few times a month. I love (LOVE!!) the duplicate checks. Too lazy to write them down into the register. I know myself.

  3. I guess if my purse gets stolen, the robbers will know exactly how much they can get from the account. Seriously? Not too much! I don't keep my money in the checking account!

  4. Most banks will give you free check registers if you just ask for them. I get a new check register every few months as I use mine up often by crossing things out and rewriting everything every week. Drives hubby crazy he can't understand what I'm doing but that suits me fine.

  5. What a bummer that you had such a bad experience. Thanks for warning us. I have to order new checks soon too.