Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcoming in the New Year

It's officially 2010, and we can all say good-bye to 2009.

Here is hoping that 2010 is better economically than 2009 was!

Regardless of the national or world-wide economy, my hope is that every reader and follower finds a wealth of blessings in the upcoming year. An abundance of friends. The security of a job and steady income. Having a home, not just a house to live in, but a home to reside and make a family in.

I hope that everyone enjoys good health. My family, personally, has gone through the wringer with the health stuff in 2009. Skinny-boy broke his arm, my husband had surgery. It's just been a year for it. So....good health with NO SURPRISES in the year 2010 is what I am praying for all.

I wish for you the blessings of having full cupboards. That they are overflowing with goodies for you and your family. For wisdom to know how to cook and use the items in the cupboards to make yummy things for your family to eat. And to have enough that you can give some away.

For the gardeners: the wish for an abundant, overflowing harvest. So much that you don't know what to do with it all! Adequate rain when it's needed, sun at the right times. For no bugs, no fungus, no rot. May your garden be filled with the humming of bees and the movement of worms, and the growing and blooming of produce.

Those are my wishes for everyone in 2010. Blessings to all! Be well.


  1. I LOVE the pic! Is that something that you painted? If so...... make me one!! LOL
    Wishing your family a blessed, peaceful, happy and overall wonderful 2010!! Love ya!

  2. Yes, that is one of my art works. There's more of my art in the gallery in Oregon City for anyone who is interested!

  3. I checked out the above website.... very cool! How much would you charge for a piece like the one with the dove??

  4. I think that one has sold. Sorry! Most of my pieces sell for between $35 to $45 depending on size.