Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chinchilla on the run

No, not really! I just felt sorry for the poor guy. It's my sons pet, his name is Jefferson, and he hasn't gotten much attention these past two weeks with the boys gone on vacation. So, I thought I would bring him outside to run around in his ball.

First off, I learned that our backyard is not nearly flat enough for him to get his ball rolling. Poor thing started trying to gnaw on the inside to get out since he couldn't get the ball rolling. I moved him on up to the deck where he would have a flat surface. Lesson number two, there's isn't any depth perception in a ball. Or maybe chinchillas just don't have any. Regardless, he tried running off the edge of the deck several times, and the fall might have hurt him (or popped open the ball meaning we really would have a loose chin!). I spent about ten minutes playing blocker to prevent him from hurling himself over the edge.

But it was fun for him. He got to be outside, check out the other animals, and see the sun. Anything to mix it up for 'em every so often!

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