Monday, June 1, 2009

I might have apples?

I was out in the yard today, checking things out (and hanging laundry!) and I noticed that my apple tree has apples on it. Wow, this is really shocking to me! We had just planted these trees last September, and I have no expectations of getting any fruit from them this year.

We had a hard winter (for Oregon), with over a week of snow and bad weather. That, combined with the fact that the trees had only been in the ground for less than 5 months, I kinda figured the trees were toast, and we might need to replace them. Hubby and I were both thrilled in the spring that they were leafing out and had good signs of growth.

Sure, there were tons of blooms on both new apple trees a month ago. I wasn't suprised about that at all. But you need honey bees to fertilize them, plus strength in the tree (I expect that means an established root structure) to get apples. I guess that these trees are doing better than I could have hoped that we have some tiny fruit growing.

So, fingers crossed that we will get some apples this fall (and that it won't be a disappointment like the cherry tree has been. Stupid birds!).

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