Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ewhh! Worms!

It's late, the news is on, and time for bed. I drag myself out of my chair, shoo the dogs out to the garage, convince the ducks that the "pool" is closing, and put them in their coop for the night.

As I am walking them to the coop, with the flashlight, I notice all these little darts of movement in the grass. What the heck is it?? Worms, of course!

Oh my goodness. There are like hundreds of worms all over my backyard. It's Wormy Woodstock out there tonight, with the recent rain, I guess the worms think it's time to party at Wendi's house. I couldn't take a step without almost creaming (literally) one of them on my slipper. (Why, oh why did I wear slippers out to puth the ducks to bed instead of actual SHOES?!)

I mean, I guess I should be grateful that there are so many of them. Of course, my first thought was "aren't ducks supposed to EAT those things?!" I even went into their coop to check, and there were a bunch of worms, just hanging out on the top of the gravel. It's nuts.

So, if anyone wants to collect worms to go fishing with, come on over! I have plenty to go around. But YOU have to catch them. Yuck.

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