Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reusing plastic bags to make a rug

One of my dear friends is guest "blogging" for me today! Andrea gave me the instructions on how to braid a waterproof rug out of those blasted plastic store bags. Do you have a huge pile of them just sitting around? is one way to use them up!

Plastic Grocery Bag Rug

Size and dimensions are up to you. There are many ways to make these but I will share It you the way I've made mine.

I take my plastic grocery bags (from when I forget the cloth ones) lay them flat tucking in the gussets. Fold in half length wise and in half again. Then I cut off the handles and the bottom of the bag. This leaves you with a tube. Cut a slit up the side to give you one long strip. You will need a few hundred of these for a good size rug. But you only need about 9 to 12 pieces to start.

I like to store these pieces in an old tissue box; coffee can would work also.

Take 3 of these pieces and tie them together. I have found if you then stretch the 3 pieces flat and cut at an angle does not have to be neat but the 3 pieces need 2 be different sizes. Then braid like you normally would. When there is about 2 inches left you need to grab another piece take the new piece and tuck inside the short piece and keep braiding.

Now I often get stopped while doing this (usually in front of the TV) so I keep a few cloths pins handy so I can just clip it off and start again when I can.

You can either save your braid in a ball-like form (think yarn balls) , in a bag or what ever your heart desires. When you feel you have enough, it is time to put your rug together. Securing with another knot to end it when you feel you have enough.

You can make your rug as you go along braiding if you want; but it's not my prefered way.

Time for some more decision making. How do you want your rug to go together? Glue, thread, sinew, tie it off with little bag strips, well it's up to you.

I find using a glue gun the easiest on my fingers and the fastest. I wind the braid around itself in a long oval. I prefer to stand the narrow sides up and down making the top and bottom of the rug while running a 6 inch bead of glue then pressing more braid into the glue and moving on.

Once I get to the end I determine which I want for the top of the rug and which for the bottom of the rug. Then I put a good dollop of glue on the end knot and push in into the bottom of the rug between the other braided pieces so it doesn't show so much.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy your recycled waterproof rug.

Thank you, Andrea, for the help on making our rugs! Have fun out there.

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