Monday, June 15, 2009

Making Firestarters with household items

It's kinda a testament to how I reuse things! I try not to use my dryer. First off, it uses a lot of electricity. Second, the friction of the fabrics causes additional wear and tear on the clothing. That's where the lint in the lint trap comes from, y'all!

BUT...this is a handy trick to use up that lint.

What you need: paper pulp egg cartons, lint from the dryer, and wax (paraffin, or left over candle wax).

*Cut up the egg carton into smaller sections. I cut them into each "egg" size.

*Melt the candle wax on the stove. Use an old can that you were planning to recycle or toss so you don't ruin a pan. Keep an eye on it!

*Place a tuft of lint into each egg holder. You are making a kind of wick with the lint.

*Carefully pour the melted wax over the lint, trying to keep a small section of the lint uncovered (this is what you will light).

*Store in a dry place, and use one or two when starting a fire.

We have a fire pit outside, and I will use two or three in addition to kindling and logs, to start the fire. They will burn for a few minutes (longer than I had thought that they would!) and really do help get a fire going.

This uses up my waste wax from candles, the lint from my dryer, and old egg cartons. Other than time, it's free! Have fun and happy fireside time.

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