Monday, June 8, 2009

The great weed-out of 2009

It has come to this, my friends. Time to weed the garden. I have my trusty hoe, and a wayward child that needs punishing (since no one sent their kids on over, I had to use my own).

First things first, teaching the child what is a "plant" and what is a weed. Annnddd, I am reminded that I really should make the boy come out to the garden more often. He has no clue what a potato plant is, "potato's are a root...they don't have leaves", misidentifies the onions as radishes, and thinks that carrots don't have any greenery at all. I said "I suppose you think vegetables come from the grocery store?" Nope, they come from Wal-Mart. Kill me now!

Second, keep a close eye on said child so he doesn't step on the plants that I DO want.

Third, make sure he actually is weeding, and not just complaining about weeding. Yeah, we have very different ideas of what "done" is, in this case.

But, on the plus side, with both of us working, after about an hour, it was done (at least, as done as it is going to get right now).

Looks much better. Thanks for the help, son. Hope you learned something! (Really, the lesson was "if I had gotten better grades, I would have gone on the school outing instead of being stuck at home with mom, weeding!" Hope you learned it!)

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  1. They come from Wal-Mart...LOL :) My son helped weed over the weekend too. He's 12 and helped hubby and did a pretty good job. I was pleasantly surprised anyway! I expected to find some missing vegetable plants. Your garden is beautiful. :)Good job Wendy's son!