Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer is coming on, thinking about canning

No, my garden isn't ripe and ready. Up here in the Pacific Northwet, my tomato's won't be ripe until the middle of August (right when I leave for vacation. Doesn't that figure?!). My peppers are not even blooming yet. Beans? Forget about it! (Remind me to string my trellis tomorrow for them to climb on. Right now, they are pulling the onions over trying to climb up those! Need a day to work in the garden again.)

So....why think about canning? The jars are on sale! (Bad sale, bad sale!) And the farm store has them in stock on the seasonal aisle. Soooo tempting! All this visual reminder of putting up the harvest is making me climb the walls.

I will be going out tomorrow, buying some jars. I have a coupon! And then I will stash them under the bed with the rest of the empty jars, just waiting to be filled. How long until the tomato's are ready again?

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