Sunday, June 21, 2009

Homemade lemonade, YUM

At church today, someone brought in a donation of lemons. Several people grabbed a few, and I was looking at the lemons, wondering what to do with them. And then it hit me---lemonade!

I grabbed about about 8 of them, and started squeezing the liquid out of 'em. Made a simple syrup to go in it (one cup white sugar, one cup water, heated on the stove until all the sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat once sugar is dissolved). About half of the simple syrup was used (refrigerate the rest for other uses, maybe some other fruit juice?), and some water added to dilute the lemon juice. I like a little pulp, so I left all the floaters, but scooped out the seeds.

Mmmmmm.....I've never made homemade lemonade, and it tastes a lot different (to me) than the frozen kind. The rind from the lemons leave some oils, perhaps? Or maybe it is because I used white sugar instead of corn syrup. Either way, it tastes different, stronger, but GOOD.

If I ever happen in to get a bunch of lemons again, I would make this another time. (But after I finished it up, I thought of saving some lemon juice to put into blackberry jam! Opps!)

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