Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our duck coop

This spring, when preparing for the ducklings, my husband and I had many long discussions about their home. How much space they needed, where to place it, how to build it, all those fun things. We spent several weekends preparing their home so it would be convenient and comfortable for them.

I thought I would let you see what it looks like! We built their inside home underneath a "fort" that we had made (years ago) for our kids that they have outgrown. They have about 10 square feet of space under the fort, enclosed for protection against the wind. Hubby built a door outside the fence, that lifts up to open an entire side of their house. This is so I can easily reach in and grab any eggs, as well as muck it out a few times a year. I have put down a few inches of pine shavings over the dirt, and add another inch or so each month. In late fall, I intend to muck this out, put it into the garden for mulch (and do it again in late winter to till it into the garden soil). We also have a lamp in the corner so we can light it during the winter to encourage egg production.

We used a large dog kennel. We covered over a third with a roof so that they have shade and protection from the rain, and then the rest of it is covered with wire to keep any animals out. I have a galvanized tub for their water, and their feed bucket is to the back. The feed bucket is on a pulley system, so I can hoist it up out of reach if we keep the gate open. (My ducks are piggies, and would rather eat the grain than forage for bugs or greens).

There you have it! One wonky looking duck kennel. But, compared to what my dad had when I was growing up, these ducks have the Hilton!

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