Thursday, September 17, 2009

The bacon madness

I swear, some days I am just totally off my rocker.

Today I was totally off my rocker. On Tuesday, I bought some Velveeta (I know, but I bought it to go in chili for dip, or in enchilada's, things like that. Not to mention, it keeps in the cupboard!), and it had a tasty looking recipe on the back for Spinach Dip. Ohhhh......I love spinach dip but have been unable to find a good tasting recipe for home that isn't crazy expensive to make. This one seems reasonable, so I figured I would give it a whirl.

One of the ingredients is a few strips of bacon. Okay, no big deal. Except, the bacon I have is 6.5 pounds of bacon in my freezer. mmmm..... I have Skinny-boy pull it out of the freezer this morning to thaw and get on with my day. And on and on with my day.

Had a meeting with the school counselor after school, then rushing around with the kids, up at the home at 9pm. Get the kids in the bath then off to bed. Now it is almost 9:30, and the bacon is thawed. UGH. My options: put it in the fridge and deal with it tomorrow, or just suck it up and cook it tonight. Hubby, of course, votes for option one. Me, I vote for option two.

I am also very weird about cooking bacon. I refuse to leave any bacon uncooked once a package is opened. My personal thought is: just cook up the whole thing at once and clean the mess up ONE TIME. Otherwise, you will need to clean the stove and the pan multiple times when you fry up a few pieces. And to heat the bacon up, just toss a few pieces in the microwave with a towel or small dish over the top.

What that means is that, here I am at close to midnight with over a pound of raw bacon still left to cook. *sigh* Folks, I know I am not the only crazy person out there like this!

Nice thing about this? If Oscar Mayer can sell pre-cooked bacon in the refrigerated or frozen section, well, that means I can freeze bags of cooked frozen bacon! (I know my family! Hubby and Skinny-boy will suck down pound after pound of bacon until it is gone unless I "hide" it from them.)

Wish me luck that I will get the rest of this bacon done SOON because I have to be up in less than 6 hours to get Skinny-boy up for school. Will really need the coffee in the morning.

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  1. Yummmmmmmm....BACON!! :) We had pepper bacon with duck eggs and toast for dinner last night. Oh yeah, delicious!! :)