Monday, September 14, 2009

Hankering for Cheesecake

I was out at hockey try-outs with Skinny-boy (you rock, kid!), and was pondering what to make for dinner. Pfft! Let's get to the important stuff. What to make for dessert!

My first thought? Cinnamon Rolls. Oh, I have a cinnamon roll recipe that uses my bread machine that totally rocks, but, sadly, it takes two hours in the bread machine, an additional hour to rise outside the machine, plus baking time, and....well, it's after 9pm. OUCH. Oh-kay. Can't do cinnamon rolls. What else can I make today? Hmmm....I have a few pounds of cream cheese in the fridge (a friend of mine gave me a huge loaf of cream cheese). Logical thing to make? Cheesecake!

I love the internet. You want to find a recipe on a whim, best place to look. And, I don't need a foofy recipe that requires 24 oz of cream cheese, a spring-form pan and a water-bath. Sweet heavens above, I want a down and dirty recipe for us lazy people!

Found one off of Kelloggs website. Okay, so their recipe calls for a Keebler Graham Cracker Crust. My solution? Use what I have on hand! What did I have? (This is bad...) I had Mini Teddy Grahams. It's okay, you can laugh. I put them into a sealed bag, tap-danced on them, and then used a rolling pin to crush them. Melted a few table spoons of butter in the microwave, mixed the crumbs and butter together, and pressed them into the bottom of a glass dish.

Other than that, I followed the recipe (pretty much). I skipped the sour cream topping, and used my own blackberry jam (after only one week of setting, it is jelling nicely!). Oh goodness! How yummy was that!

Hubby and I sat around the fire pit last night, talking and listening to the ducks, eating homemake cheesecake. Life doesn't get much better than this.

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