Thursday, September 3, 2009

Deals to be found for Labor Day

Sorry I haven't posted much, but I have been busy. The tomato's are coming on fast and furious, I am canning a few times a week. I am still getting beans, and freezing those. Doesn't leave much extra time for other things.

One thing I can't go a week without? Grocery shopping. Yup, gotta do it. And this week is Labor Day, which means all kinds of good meat sales. I found hamburger for $1.49 a pound this week at TWO different stores, plus boneless pork ribs, also for $1.49 a pound. Hot dogs are on sale, grilling brats are on sale, not to mention other grilling necessities (condiments, pork and beans, etc). It is a great time to stock up for what you think you might be needing in the future!

I bought over 20 pounds of meat (between the hamburger and boneless ribs), and I package them into individual meal sizes (about a pound each) in freezer safe bags, and freeze the load. It is so nice to know I have meat in the freezer, and stayed within my personal goal of spending less than $1.50 per pound!

Other things to stock up on? Well, all the back to school sales, of course. I am super picky about the type of pens I use, and I stock up on my favorite types during this time of the year. I buy extra spiral notebooks, extra filler paper, and anything else that my family may need in the upcoming year. If you have toddlers, don't just ignore the sales because your children aren't in school! Pick up some crayons (usually about 25 cents a box at this time of the year), some watercolor paints and plenty of paper. Then let those kiddos go to town being creative at the kitchen table. You didn't pay very much, so it doesn't matter how much they use!

Children's clothing are also on sale. Be careful how you shop, but there are some great deals to be found!

So there you have it! Happy shopping, be sure to check out the farmers market for current seasonal produce and celebrate your shopping success with some homemade yummies!

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