Sunday, September 6, 2009

The days of Blackberries!

'Tis the season! For all good jam makers to gather supplies and get ready to do battle! (Okay, a bit over the top...I'll dial it back a notch.)

Saturday was a wet and rainy day here in our area, but it was the best day I had to go picking. I was graciously invited to a friend's property to do battle, er, I mean, to pick berries. (Thanks, Ms. Michelle!)

I went out, armed with my pots and buckets, and picked for several hours. Lesson learned? Well, picking in the rain isn't really so bad! I was wearing several layers, plus had on heavy shoes, and I didn't get nearly as scraped up as I normally do. Typically, I pick in hot weather, and am wearing sandels and shorts, end up all cut up. Wearing a hoodie was also good, I got brambles over my head, and I just ripped 'em out. Worked pretty good!

Listening to music while you are picking makes it more enjoyable. I loved having my iPod on for this task. Make it a lot more bearable. Also, if it is raining, the bees stay away. Bees don't like to fly in wet weather, so it was PERFECT for me. Plus, it being so cool, I didn't fret about getting bitten by a snake. (Yes, it's an irrational fear, but I get skiddish if I think there are snakes around. Sorry, I am weird.)

Now I just need to process all the loot that I picked. Wish me luck!


  1. Reading your posts make me miss you all the more. We never did get to make Plum jam not that I eat it but so many like it. But now Blackberry is a favorite of mine! Have fun wish I could be sharing it with you.

  2. Awh! Thanks for the shout out, hun! Blackberry jam is my kids all time favorite.