Sunday, September 6, 2009

Whew! I am finally done with it.

It was nearly an all day project, but I am finished (nearly) with the jam.

I love the way jam looks in the jars. So deep and rich like jewels. Makes me wish I had a shelf in front of the window so that the sun could shine through the jars. (Corny, I know. But I think homemade jam is beautiful.)

Fingers crossed that this will last me through the winter. With a teenage boy in the house, it may not last.

Once all the jars have cooled, I will label them and then tuck them into bed. Yes, I store all my canned foods underneath my bed. I have five cases of various things under there right now. But it is doubtful that my household will starve!

Two weeks for the jam to set up....then we can dig in! I can't wait.

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