Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two left and two arrived--my ark stays full.

Yes, that needs a little explanation.

We have had leopard geckos. Two of them, Blake and Gloria. My oldest son, Skinny Boy, begged and begged for them. So, it was Christmas gift of 2005. Wow, that was a LONG time ago. Minor miracle right there that we have managed to keep them both healthy and hale all these years! Anyhoo...oldest son has long ago lost interest in the geckos. It has become a chore and not a joy to have these geckos. They are never handled or watched. You know how it is with kids and animals.

We offered the geckos to science teachers (gee, I figured they would be a good object lesson! I thought wrong.), offered them on-line. Nope, no takers. Yee-ahh. They have been on our version of animal welfare, the black hole eating worms and crickets. At least the chinchilla is cute! Geckos aren't really very "cute" to me.

I had given up on getting rid of them. Resigned myself to having them until Skinny Boy leaves for college (packing them into his car with him and making him take the blasted things!). And then, this week, a young friend of mine asked me if I would be willing to give them to her. Would I?! I would LOVE to give them to you! Here, take all the stuff that goes with them too! Enjoy them! Be fruitful with them! End of the story? She is thrilled to have them, and I am thrilled they are gone. A happy ending!

The two new arrivals? Well, we got our four ducks (as hatching's) from Holdderread this past spring. I am so thrilled with my Indian Runner Ducks. I love watching them in the yard, seeing them chase the dogs, eating the bugs, digging at the dirt. I am excitedly anticipating eggs, but realize that it will be a few months yet until that happens. I've already mentioned to my husband that I would like to get a few more in the spring, but I don't really want to do hatching's all over again (raising ducklings in the bedroom is an intense, and pungent affair).

Hubs was looking online last night and saw an ad for two pair of ducks originally from Holdderread that were looking for a new home, hatched this spring, just like mine! Bonus, they are the same age as mine. Yes, hubby was joking, but I wasn't. My sweet man drove up, looked at the ducks, and brought me home ducks. Just in time for our fifth anniversary. Nothing sez love like a pair of ducks for your anniversary!

There you have it! Two animals out, two animals in. The two new ducks are the dark gray ones, they are called "blues". We have named them "Lady Grey" and "Blue Crew". Must be a guy thing, 'cause I am not sure what hubby is referring to! I have a FLOCK now! I love it!

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