Monday, September 7, 2009

The end of the beans

It's been wet and windy here in my area. My poor bean trellis didn't make it through the storms, falling over last night. So, this morning, I went out and picked the last of the beans, and ripped all the vines out of the ground.

I am shocked (!!) at how many beans I was able to get off of those vines! Prior years, I have planted bush beans, and they have done okay, but never super. This year I was able to find pole beans, and those things have taken off like gang-busters. I am so surprised at how prolific they have been for several months now. Even today, there were still blossoms, and if I hadn't needed to remove the vines, I would be getting more beans.

Well, I am off to do blanching and freezing. Today is correctly named "Labor Day"!

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